photos: Ahna Burk, Jaquel Charlesworth, Soloist with Houston Ballet '08

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John Brandon

Kirk Mitchell

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1597 South 1100 East Salt Lake City, Ut. 84105
801-485-2337 or 801-1899

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Team Work

To provide the most professional ballet training within an atmosphere of individual attention and caring for each student, regardless of natural talent.

During the school year we provide training for the recreational dancer as well as our normal emphasis on the pre-professional student.


We emphasize not only the finest ballet techniques, but also a spirit of respect, cooperation and teamwork. These principles are expected from the students, teachers and parents. Discipline is age appropriate, and we try to insure that each student will work to his/her own full potential.

We achieve proper body placement and dancing technique through the use of physical, hands on corrections, constructive verbal criticisms, and positive reinforcements.

Parents are our greatest asset by helping their children be the best he/she can be by supporting our methods and philosophies

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