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Rachel Murdock Viselli
as "Sleeping Beauty" when she was 12 years old.

dancers left to right
Miriam Wenger: Graduate CSCA, Graduate SAB, Member of Miami City Ballet 1996- present
Brittany Mulcock, graduate CSCA. Nursing degree.
Casey Herd:Graduate CSCA, Kirov School, former member ABT II, currently dancing with Pacific Northwest Ballet Comp.

Miriam Wenger at 13 years old
as The Doll, in Petruska

Miriam Wenger at 18 years old
Spring Concert by School of American Ballet
Miriam is presently a member of Miami City Ballet Company

Miriam Wenger
photo appeared in Dance Magazine
This was for SAB's Spring Performance. She was 18 yrs. old at the time
Photo album: page 3