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The Casalino School of Creative Arts has been located in Salt Lake City, Utah for the past 23 years. Its director is Mikal Cichy Casalino, or Miki as everyone calls her. The school was started in 1975 with the sole purpose of providing the finest classical ballet training.

During the first few years the school was very small, and Miki was the sole teacher. As the school grew in size, additional teachers were hired. The school's location was moved to allow for more studio space. Miki was now responsible for maintaining not only the standard of her own teaching, but also that of the other's who taught for the school. Her philosophy was to have consistant training from level to level, while maintaining her style, and manner. To meet this end, Miki began her Teacher Training Program. Every new teacher who joined the faculty was required to go through this program. This is still true today.

As of May, 1999, due to health problems, Miki could no longer continue the ballet school. Hopefully, by Fall 1999, she will be able to teach, coach, consult, and design costumes. These are her new goals for the future.

Miki has begun a new phase of her ballet career, she now coaches ballet students on an individual basis.

For further information: Contact Miki at: ccabek@comcast.net or call 801-485-2337.

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